A Day in Thailand

This is no outfit post.  I just want to share with you guys what happened 2 months ago (21st April) when boyfriend and I went to Thailand for just 1 night. Booh, it was very short and tiring.

I was teasing this man because it was his first time to ride the plane.

We looked tired from the flight eh? We stayed in a hotel booked by my sister and it was very near the airport. It sucks because it was far from tourist destinations. *sob

It was almost lunch time when we arrived at BKK, good thing there was a restaurant along the river and was few steps away from the hotel.

Please don’t  ask me about the names of these dishes because I forgot already. Meheh. The thing I can remember well is that I ask the waitress if these were spicy and she said a little bit. And then when we tasted, holy guacamole! All of it were soooo hot so we didn’t  finish them all  and ended up munching too much rice. So I guess that’s their definition of “a little bit spicy”, I wonder what the spiciest be like. 

After eating lunch we went back to the hotel to get some more sleep. After an hour or 2 we prepared ourselves to take a walk or a ride and buy some “pasalubongs”

The hotel staff told us to go to a mall  with a night market outside.

There were bunch of food and clothes’ stalls. We didn’t tried the food because we were scared of  spicy thingyy  again. But hello, it’s BKK so expect the affordable and good clothes. *drool Anyhow, I just bought 2 scarfs, a dress for me and a dress for my niece. I don’t want to go out of that night market, it’s like a box filled with my happiness.

We strolled around the mall  for things to bring back home and then went home, eat and sleep.

It was a very short but memorable trip. I would love to come back soon for a tour. Thailand resembles the Philippines a lot so we don’t experience culture shock even if it’s just a short period of time.

Photos are not in HD  because I was just using my iphone to capture these. 

Changing career path was never easy. I had to change the things which  I got used of. The job itself changed way way harder than before. The people is harder to manage. The working environment is very different. And most of all and the scariest of all is to change my wardrobe. Yes, it sucks I had to change my everyday clothes from dresses to pants and shirts and lab coats. The bunch of skirts and dresses I have are now unhappy and locked in my closet. I only visit them on important events which happens mostly once or twice a month. oh my poor little babies. But I swear i’ll be back on the track soon, though for now I can only upload photos of me in basic pants and shirts but I’ll still find a way to make it look posh. How are you guys anyway??😊

Act Naturally


I have been hiatus for a more than a month. Anyway, this was taken a month before I went out of the country. Yes guys, you read it right I am now living away from the Philippines. That is one of the reasons why it takes a long time for me to post stuff here on my blog. 


I guess by now you already know where these photos are taken huh? Yup! I was in tagaytay with my family days before I left for Dubai. It was still a bit chilly in tagaytay that time so I was wearing sweater pants and sneaker wedges. 


BTW, I was so in love with my glasses! It totes carried my outfit for the day. What do you think? I impulsively bought this in Forever21 when I was supposed to buy only a skirt. Meheh I felt that I should buy it because it was left alone with the usual glasses in their display area. I don’t want it to be lonely though.


Also, before I forgot the shoes I was sporting here were given to me by my boyfriend. teehee

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