Changing career path was never easy. I had to change the things which  I got used of. The job itself changed way way harder than before. The people is harder to manage. The working environment is very different. And most of all and the scariest of all is to change my wardrobe. Yes, it sucks I had to change my everyday clothes from dresses to pants and shirts and lab coats. The bunch of skirts and dresses I have are now unhappy and locked in my closet. I only visit them on important events which happens mostly once or twice a month. oh my poor little babies. But I swear i’ll be back on the track soon, though for now I can only upload photos of me in basic pants and shirts but I’ll still find a way to make it look posh. How are you guys anyway??😊

Act Naturally


I have been hiatus for a more than a month. Anyway, this was taken a month before I went out of the country. Yes guys, you read it right I am now living away from the Philippines. That is one of the reasons why it takes a long time for me to post stuff here on my blog. 


I guess by now you already know where these photos are taken huh? Yup! I was in tagaytay with my family days before I left for Dubai. It was still a bit chilly in tagaytay that time so I was wearing sweater pants and sneaker wedges. 


BTW, I was so in love with my glasses! It totes carried my outfit for the day. What do you think? I impulsively bought this in Forever21 when I was supposed to buy only a skirt. Meheh I felt that I should buy it because it was left alone with the usual glasses in their display area. I don’t want it to be lonely though.


Also, before I forgot the shoes I was sporting here were given to me by my boyfriend. teehee

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Peek a boo

        (Forever21 Crop Top, Forever21 Skirt, and Parisian Shoes)

Peek-a-boo tummy! Boyfriend asked me to change my shift so I can go out of the office earlier because we had to go to a bazaar. Well, I can call it a date anyway. So yeah, I wore this matchy outfit to office and to the said event. 

I looked haggard because these photos are taken after the event. I was stressed of rummaging through clothes and shoes for keeps from the converse bazaar. 

I just love how this look gives you that fashionable vibe. The skirt is my most favorite skirt of all my skirts today. Also, tbh I looked professional in the office though my tummy is peeking. I just have to adjust the skirt and the top to hide my tummy for a while, as long as I was inside the office.

I assure you, this look will keep you safe from morning to evening events. So yeah, please see more on lookbook and follow me on Instagram!

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